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Magento Commerce brings B2B capabilities to its Digital commerce cloud

Mandar Thosar Apr 25, 2017

Magento Digital Commerce Magento B2B Magento Commerce Cloud Digital Commerce Cloud

Magento, a specialist in cloud commerce solutions, recently announced major developments in their product Magento Digital Commerce Cloud. With this release, business-to-business dealers can now meet the expectations of digitally connected customers’ in a cost-effective manner. The digital cloud will enable B2B dealers to integrate latest cloud enhancements with their business models and hence elevate their business success.

The Magento team is purely focusing on addressing the B2B challenges by means of the Magento Digital Commerce Cloud. They believe that B2B commerce market is somewhat lacking in terms of innovation as compared to the B2C market. The Digital Commerce Cloud is the best approach to contribute towards B2B space. The Magento team has worked with the finest B2B companies to develop its Digital Commerce Cloud. To make most out of the product, they congregated the feedback and incorporated it for formulating the cloud-based commerce suite.

The Magento Digital Commerce Cloud involves special set of features. With these features, dealers can bring in the innovation the customers are looking for. Furthermore, it enables the dealers to gain maximum ROI and build rapport with their customers. The cloud offering compromises of a set of Magento Commerce portfolio which can be further utilized by the dealers to build the functionality instead of starting everything from scratch.

Previously, the B2C companies have been pioneers of customer experience innovation. They have utilized the investments of talent and technology for providing best customer experiences. As the time is passing, B2B companies are now realizing the complexities B2C face while delivering the customer experience. Most of the B2B companies are stuck into legacy systems and process and realizing that it is now time to break the stereotypes and make changes. B2B companies face challenges in operations such as cataloging, repeat order management, custom pricing and backend integration that are complicated.

To eradicate the challenges, Magento is the best platform for B2B companies as it offers flexibility, extensibility and scalability. Here are some other features of Digital Commerce Cloud for B2B companies:

  • Corporate account management
  • Quoting
  • Quick ordering
  • Custom catalogs and pricing
  • Advanced inventory and order management
  • Backend integration
  • Multi-channel support
If you are looking for an appropriate solution for your commerce then Magento is the best option. Magento can help you to reach the market faster and it also lets you to work with both B2B and B2C customers at the same time.

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