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How to be happy at your workplace?

Sakshi Koul Jun 29, 2015

Team Technology

Working at Google sounds like a dream job for many, thanks to the employee benefits that come with a job at the company. At other Fortune 500 companies as well, employers provide some of the best benefits and perks to their employees. At the same time, some non-standard benefits (benefits given in addition to salary and other perks) force employees to spend more time at work resulting in poor work-life balance. The point I am trying to make is that even the best profile may not really be the best fit for everyone.

How to be happy at your workplace

According to me, you can be happy at your workplace if you adhere to the following factors:

  • Choose to be happy: Staying happy is in your hands. Always think positively about your work and grow in the aspects of work which you like. Avoid negative people. Find coworkers you like and spend time with them because your choices will define your work.
  • Take responsibility for what is happening at work: People generally complain that they do not receive proper information and communication from their bosses. You should develop your own channels to gather the required information to work more efficiently. Also, arrange a daily or weekly meeting with your boss and ask him all the questions/ doubts to learn about status updates and progress on your tasks. Remember only you are in charge of the all the information you receive.
  • Do something you love: Reflect on your work and find something that you truly enjoy doing every day.
  • Take charge of personal as well as career development: You should always keep working on yourself. This helps you to grow professionally as well as personally. Taking charge of your own growth is the road to happiness.
  • Avoid negativity: Avoid negative thoughts, gossips and unhappy people as much as possible.
  • Make commitments you can meet: The most important cause of work stress is failing to meet commitments. Always make commitments you can meet within the deadline. Don't volunteer if you don't have time. If the workload is exceeding time and energy available, make a comprehensive plan and ask around for help and resources.

When you learn to be happy, any place you work becomes the best workplace in the world! :)

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