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How cloud is impacting mobility?

Shashank Venkat Jun 25, 2015

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The mobile revolution has completely shaken up the business ecosystem. A huge part of the success of the new-age mobile platforms goes to the cloud. Without a healthy collection of cloud-based services, the mobile world would have looked very different now. In fact, research has estimated that it will be a $50 Billion market by 2020.

Mobile Cloud Computing Services

Many factors are fuelling the rapid rise in mobile platforms. Increased mobile broadband facilities, new HTML5 technologies and the need for collaboration have all led to the growth of mobility. Mobile cloud computing makes sure that this ecosystem thrives through apps that drive adoption and growth. In mobile cloud computing, the data storage and processing happens outside the mobile device. You can easily connect all your native and hybrid business apps to the cloud. Lots of people around the world are already using tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Cloud-based apps bring a lot of advantages to your business. They offer you accelerated innovation and scalability at exciting costs. Moreover, these apps also work when the internet connection is weak. This is especially important for emerging markets in developing countries. Cloud apps bring the horsepower of server-based computing infrastructure on a simple mobile screen.

Enterprise mobility will also be driven through the cloud. Many enterprises have embraced the cloud. Through enterprise apps, employees can easily share information and collaborate on projects. The apps can also drive customer engagement and revenues for organizations.

Take advantage of the cloud for your mobile apps!

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