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3Es to enable effective employee engagement

Dr. Kshitij Deshmukh Jul 07, 2017

employee management Employee engagement

In today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) environment, trust and care are the buzzword. More predominately with millennials generation, it is one of important expectation from organizations. Our motto at e-Zest is to engage, encourage and enable our team members to contribute in most positive way.  
We trust our team members and do care for their opinions and thoughts. Based on AON Hewitt’s engagement framework; we have implemented multiple programs for employee engagement. As indicated below:

  • Engage
    We welcome our new team members with their short video on collaboration portals. We reach out to global teams and keep them updated about latest happenings at e-Zest via collaboration tools and portals. We enable them to share their thoughts and opinions on Facebook and online surveys. Our belief is they are pillars of our success and their well-being and happiness is the purpose of our existence. Every week multiple trainings, on the floor activities are conducted to engage productively with employees. We frequently arrange cultural gatherings, outings, picnics and other events.
  • Empower
    Leadership across company makes sure they interact with team members in person and via various collaboration tools like Skype, WhatsApp groups and Lync messengers. They reach out to them, collect their opinions, and do act on them. Any new joinee can reach out to members for help as well. There are different forums and groups to promote self-development and technical expertise.

  • Enable
    Learning is a treasure, which follows its master. This is one of the core values of e-Zest. Here, we enable technology driven learning via various tools and team members are well equipped with know how to perform task in the most effective way. We encourage members to undergo technical and behavioral courses in line to their roles to reach high level of perfection and improve personal effectiveness.
Zest for life is one of our core values under which we encourage members to live their life and perceive their passion. In-line the plan is to introduce outdoor activities across the organization, work on formation of hobby clubs, and encourage employees to contribute knowledge papers and reach next level of perfection and improving self-efficiencies.

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