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Utilizing SharePoint to increase business revenue

Mandar Thosar Jan 31, 2017

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Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration platform, is widely used as a digital tool, especially when it comes to enterprises. In addition, it is used by these enterprises to increase productivity and enhance ability of employees within a workplace.

Most of the enterprises mainly rely for survival and growth on sales and marketing activities and seek to generate good revenue from the activities. However these enterprises, always welcome new technologies and environments that drive their business revenue further. For enterprises to generate more and consistent revenue, the key solution is excellent collaboration with customers and staff members. If marketing and sales individuals are able to collaborate with their customers and track their whereabouts, there are high chances of maximizing the ROI.

So, if your enterprise already owns an Office 365 subscription then utilizing SharePoint for managing sales and marketing activities can be rewarding. SharePoint can be used to ease the communication process within the team and of course the customers. SharePoint can act as a common portal where the team and other member can share the ideas and have discussions.

Let’s find out how SharePoint can help sales and marketing team to maximize the ROI of enterprises:

  • Common sales and marketing repository: With SharePoint you can have access to your marketing and sales collaterals, presentations and other documents that are constantly required by the clients. Having a central repository can allow marketing and sales team to have an access to the information that is latest. Using SharePoint for this purpose allows the enterprises to improve their brand presence and help the team members to be updated on latest modifications.
  • Master marketing calendar: Enterprises tend to conduct lot of marketing campaigns and activities in order to create brand awareness. However, sometimes it is difficult to keep a track of events, if there are multiple events occurring in a day or so. This can create a hassle and result in missing the deadlines and eventually impact business growth. Using SharePoint master marketing calendar for all marketing activities can be beneficial. The marketing calendar of SharePoint allows you to integrate with Outlook and synchronize the copy of it to the Outlook client. With these you can add and update tasks, reserve the resources, arrange meetings etc. and keep a track of them by receiving continuous alerts and notifications. Hence, SharePoint and Outlook can help the enterprises to have complete visibility of upcoming events and campaigns.
  • Portals for customers and partners: In order to communicate virtually with your customers and team members, SharePoint facilitates enterprises to setup sites and partner portals. It also provisions for automated functions required by marketing and sales team. These types of virtual meetings are more appealing than simple email communications. SharePoint allows enterprises to engage with their customers in a better and productive manner and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.
  • Integration with Salesforce: Salesforce being an important CRM tool offers enterprises to manage customer information. SharePoint provides a tight integration with Salesforce user interface by generating a powerful user experience in a robust and secure manner. With this integration, sales and marketing team can have an access to their SharePoint content without accessing the Salesforce which itself is a great leverage. This results in improved productivity of the team members and improvises the sales process within an enterprise.SharePoint is the wave of future. The take away here is that enterprises can utilize SharePoint to increase their business revenue.

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