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SharePoint to simplify your marketing efforts

Mandar Thosar Jan 30, 2017

Microsoft SharePoint marketing SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is preferably known for its collaboration tool and content management system. But are you aware that SharePoint can also help you in abridging your marketing efforts by provisioning of excellent tools and techniques. This might consist of demographic behavior analysis, web analytics and tracking of progress.

Let us have a closer look how SharePoint can assist you in minimizing your marketing efforts and maximizing the ROI:

  • Provides website insights: SharePoint has capability to provide insights of any kind of rare patterns witnessed on your website. SharePoint sends continuous alerts and notifications by monitoring changes happening on your website. For instances, website traffic suddenly running low or too many visitors bouncing at times.
  • Aids in implementing surveys: SharePoint marketing suite consists of exclusive features that lets you to implement customer feedback and survey polls. This can be used for gathering relevant customer data and later can be utilized for planning of marketing strategies.
  • Delivers real-time information: Before categorizing customer data, it is essential to figure out how customer profile looks like. The analytics dashboard in SharePoint marketing suite provides real-time information and alerts. This information can be used to build a strong customer profile and can be used to export same information to Microsoft Excel.
  • Helps in making announcement: With SharePoint’s latest version it is possible to show small messages or links on the top of your website with minimal efforts on your part, without bothering your SharePoint administrator.
  • Lets you track your marketing campaign: If you are running any kind of marketing campaign then SharePoint lets you to track the progress of your campaigns and analyze effectiveness of it.
  • Enables on-page optimization: SharePoint marketing suite consists of tools that provides services for multi-variate testing and behavioral targeting which can be used by your marketing team to target various regions and implement effective marketing strategies.
  • Eases SEO monitoring process: SEO monitoring can be a tough task because most of the modifications are done using programming languages like HTML. But with SharePoint it is simply possible to automatically detect code errors, monitor page performance and test accessibility of site from SEO point to view.
  • Offers plugin integration: Plugin integration is one of the useful feature offered by SharePoint marketing suite. SharePoint provides easy integration facility of third party plugins with CRM tools. Furthermore this feature, enables you to convert the analytics data into prospective leads by allowing effective engagement with customer using CRM platform.
So, if you are having an existing SharePoint platform then you can use it for streamlining your marketing efforts instead of implementing a new system or application.

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