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Install Docker on AWS EC2 (Ubuntu 16.04)

Docker is a program that can implement a virtualization on your machine and you can pull any image of Operating System and launch that very light weight image on your machine. And you can create and run several operating systems in your single host machine. We can call these launched images as docker containers. Multiple containers will help us in decoupling the application dependencies. For example, we can have Web Server, Application Server & Databases in separate containers.
Topics: Docker Tutorial Docker EC2 Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04

Installing and setting HDFS cluster through Ambari

Apache Ambari is an open source management tool/platform for managing, provisioning, securing and monitoring the Hadoop Cluster. It also allows to install and configure Hadoop Cluster. It makes it easier by creating a cluster and also installs the required packages on its own.
Topics: Apache Ambari Ubuntu

SQL Server 2017 on Ubuntu

As we know that SQL server is primarily used in a majority of Windows based systems worldwide. Due to its robust nature, it was a preferred database to be used in major applications and their frameworks capitulating the opponents. Majorly it did not provide support towards Linux based operating systems.

Thereafter taking into consideration this point, Microsoft announced a launch of SQL Server 2017. With this launch, Microsoft effectively resolved the complications arising from the previous module of the application. It could now be run on Linux operating system.

Additionally, SQL Server 2017 images on Linux and Windows are now available in Azure Marketplace!

Why run SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine?

SQL Server 2017 is the first release which is available on Linux. In addition to Windows where there are choices of running SQL Server on virtual machines based on Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux Sever and Ubuntu.

There are some advantages of running SQL Server in Azure:

Cloud flexibility
Tuned for performance
Hybrid connectivity
Highly-secured and trusted application

How to configure SQL Server on Ubuntu Server?
For configuration of the SQL Server on Ubuntu first we need to setup a virtual machine. This is easy. Use the Azure Portal and create a virtual machine using SQL Server 2017 Developer on Ubuntu Server image. For this blog I have used Ubuntu Linux but you can use Red Hat or Suse Linux as well.


After successfully creating the VM, we need to change network Firewall settings to allow external access to MSSQL Service and for this we should add the inbound and outbound security rule.



After these settings it’s time to connect Ubuntu VM. For this you can choose any SSH client, but in this blog I am using Putty to connect VM. After entering into the VM it will ask for your username and password. If you forgot your username or password then you have to change it manually using Azure portal. So don’t forgot your username and password.
Topics: SQL server 2017 Ubuntu

Setting up SFTP Server on Amazon EC2

SFTP also known as SSH File Transfer Protocol, enables a secured data transfer between SFTP server and client machine. SFTP encrypts both data and commands and also protects passwords and sensitive information from being transferred openly over the network. This is very helpful solution if someone has concerns about their data security and is looking for secured data transfer between the system and server.

Topics: sftp Amazon Amazon EC2 EC2 Ubuntu

Installation of a JDK1.8 on Linux

We use JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for different tools in today’s technological world. Also, there are different versions of JVM released till now. JDK1.8.0 is the latest version of Java which is required by many software tools.

Topics: JDK1.8 Linux Ubuntu CentOS

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