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Tech Digest – Week 18, 2013

Corporate May 03, 2013

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How Cloud Computing is rethinking control of IT?

Some people in IT and in the lines of business still favour private clouds over public. Our IT environments have been filled with brittle ways to run the IT shop to control everything, carefully assigning out bits of functionality and information to business users, but only when they ask nicely. The people from IT have always been the people to control. But this old reality is vanishing now. The move to client/server to n-tier to the Internet and now to the cloud are all exercises in increasingly distributed computing, with special emphasis on the distributed.

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Oracle brings enhancements to Business Intelligence

The trend is now that businesses want users who can perform analysis and rely on software to help them. Oracle broadcasted the release of its new suite that is Oracle BI foundational suite (OBIFS Oracle Business Intelligence Foundational Suite includes many components not limited to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Essbase and a scorecard and strategy application. OBIEE is the enabling foundation that federates queries across data sources and enables reporting across multiple platforms. Oracle Essbase is an in-memory OLAP tool that enables forecasting and planning, including what-if scenarios embedded in a range of Oracle BI Applications, which are sold separately.

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Mobile App developers to embrace Cloud services — Gartner

According to Gartner, nearly half of the mobile app development activities will make use of utilities that are based on the cloud. Management of the user, storage of data, push notifications and social network integration for the mobile apps could be provided by these cloud services. They can also allow developers to deploy server-side code. “Cloud mobile back-end services stand to become a key component of the application development ecosystem,” said by a research director at Gartner.

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SharePoint-Yammer and enterprise social networking strategy

The software related to collaboration offering social media capabilities that are suitable for collaboration at work like profiles of employees, activity streams, microblogging and document sharing, are a must to have in enterprises. Microsoft dropped down to a lot buy Yammer in order to boost capabilities primarily in its collaboration server SharePoint and also in other products like Office, Lync, Outlook and Dynamics.

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