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Tech Digest – Week 17, 2014

Corporate May 02, 2014

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Opportunities flowing from public cloud to financial services sector

Financial services sector and banking institutions in particular are reaping huge benefits of using public cloud and cloud computing. Stephen Schmidt, Vice-President and chief information security officer of Amazon Web Services (AWS) says the agility, cost saving and fast response of public cloud are some of the major take away for financial enterprises which are driving them towards huge business opportunities. AWS makes it easy to process vast amount of data quickly and cost-effectively, Schmidt said.

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Big Data influence on enterprise apps

Among the many buzzwords, bid data is one that has zestfully taken over the tech world. Though the concept of collecting huge amounts of data to gain insights into the future seems to be happening from several years, it’s only in the last few years that it’s true power had gained real momentum, with technology advancing each day; it’s making it possible to produce inscrutable amounts of data about how people behave in a given context.

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Enterprise Mobility 2014: The big trends

With fast evolving working arrangements from traditional office to flexible working arrangements, the IT department of many such enterprises is discovering the ways to securing the mobile devices and their appropriate applications and ensuring the safety of sensitive content. Many of the solutions in these areas are now consolidated and knit into Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) leading to varied enterprise software landscape.

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How to deliver user-centered enterprise apps and banish shadow IT

A fairly large number of businesses are not fully aware which cloud services their staff is using, which is leading to a growing number of unauthorized services. This study reveals, the widely used cloud storage services among most of the staff are consumer-grade offerings from Dropbox and Google, rather than enterprise- targeted solutions such as Box. Read on what you can do about it

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