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Microsoft Inspire 2019 opens up a new world of Digital Innovation and partner opportunity

I recently returned from the Microsoft Inspire 2019 – a confluence of Microsoft partners and employees who meet, celebrate, learn and get inspired!

By Girish Chandra Aug 12, 2019

New kid on block - Microsoft Teams stealing the show at Microsoft Inspire 2019

During the recent Microsoft Inspire held in Las Vegas, Microsoft re-insisted its thrust on its new team collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams.

By Girish Chandra Aug 12, 2019

The power of Mixed Reality (MR) and Azure AI Services

The power of Mixed Reality combined with holographic technology and Azure AI services could be well on the verge of transforming business in unimagined ways. ...

By Vikram Pendse Aug 12, 2019

Six key Takeaways from Satya Nadella’s speech at Inspire 2019

Microsoft Inspire is an event that truly honours the joint success of Microsoft and its partners every year. What remained distinctly different at Inspire 2019 ...

By Corporate Aug 12, 2019

Microsoft's HoloLens 2 blends Mixed Reality and AI for next generation computing

In the progressive digital future, the ability to blend the virtual with the physical is not only accepted but increasingly applied throughout the digital ...

By Corporate Aug 12, 2019

Up The Game – Achieve more!

“Together, we achieve more” – was a collective motto at the Inspire world this year.

That’s us – the 100,000 and the 17 million – to empower the 7 billion, ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Aug 12, 2019

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