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Technology stories that are worth - Week 35, 2017

Corporate Sep 01, 2017

Big Data Market Cloud Computing strategy Business Collaboration BYOD policies

Why cloud computing is vital?

Cloud computing is about computing online instead using your physical computer or server. Today, we use various cloud-based applications such as social media sites. Most of the users are still unaware that they are using cloud computing. Let’s have a look at the benefits of cloud computing.

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Here are BYOD policies for enterprises

Enterprises today are letting their employees to bring in their own personal devices for the work purposes. Through personal devices, the employees have access to the company-specific information. But having access to the company information outside the company premises that too on personal devices can raise security concerns.

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How to get better at big data?

Businesses who are willing to thrive in the cutting-edge competition should know how to utilize big data effectively. This is because big data is gaining popularity and will play a huge part in upcoming industrial revolution.

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How enterprise management tools can help in business collaboration?

Everybody in the workforce seek a culture that encourages collaboration. Considering the number of departments within an enterprise, collaboration is becoming extremely essential to improve the productivity and communication.

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