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Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 35, 2018

Survival of the fittest e-Commerce

With customer expectations rising, and cutthroat competition e-Commerce sites should be concerned. Let's find out how sites are surviving in 2018.

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Topics: Big Data trends Cloud Computing Services cloud solutions eCommerce Digital Commerce Enterprise mobility management BYOD policies Enterprise Collaboration

Tech Highlights - Week 34, 2018

Mobile Phones to be a major driver for e-Commerce

Online shopping has gained momentum thanks to many apps created to make shopping from homes and offices more efficient. The figures are quite telling that people are using their mobiles to shop away.

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Topics: BYOD policies healthcare big data Big data cloud technologies cloud computing eCommerce

Technology stories that are worth - Week 35, 2017

Why cloud computing is vital?

Topics: Cloud Computing strategy BYOD policies Big Data Market Business Collaboration

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