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Tech Digest – Week 07, 2014

Corporate Feb 21, 2014

Big Data Market Google’s Android Services cloud security Collaboration Technology

How Can you get cloud security right in three ways?

It’s sure a boom time for Cloud technology but it is still a long way for cloud to hit its full potential for the obvious reason that the security feature of cloud technology which is quite a crucial thing is still the number one issue. The news in the recent times have been revealing more or less a string of issues such as the loss of control over security policies, data exposure to attack or privacy breaches, outages etc.

So at a time when companies are using cloud as a much faster, cheaper to get the data up running, these companies aren’t quite exploiting what makes cloud really unique, its outstanding attribute- its openness.

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It’s probably not who you think is leading the Big Data Market

People in any big tech conference when asked about the technology that is leading the market, you will expect most people to say ‘Hadoop’. Similarly they are most likely to name Clouder, MapR, Pivotal, Intel, Microsoft, HDInsight, Hortonworks etc. as the vendors who are driving the development of Hadoop.

However, recent reports on Big Data revenues reveal a different truth altogether. It seems the clear winner is IBM as it leads the field when it comes to Big Data. The reports clear reveal that it is undoubtedly the big guys who lead and are making the money. After surveying almost 70 vendors the reports threw open many such interesting facts.

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Is Google migrating to Cloud? Google’s Android Services tell all

It is almost evident that in the future most are going to rely on cloud computing to store their information and vast amounts of data. Now it seems that Google too is taking significant steps in the same direction and starting to put everything in cloud. The Google updates on all of Google-owned and Google-made applications are bringing it out in the open the very fact of how Google is moving in the cloud direction.

Here a few crucial Google Apps those reveal this trend,


Thought as the simplest of all, Drive is essentially a cloud storage system, however its ease to use comes from the way it is effortlessly weaved into the Google ecosystem.

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Is the future of collaboration right here, now?

What exactly is the future of Collaboration and more so in the enterprise?

If you think that there may not be any easy answers, the truth maybe that we are closer to the finding the answers and that they may be closer to the truth that we anticipate. In other words the future might be right her now!

When it comes to the consumer products, the consumerisation of the IT industry is nowhere near closing and that there’s few crucial trends and currents in the consumer usage patterns that really need the attention to help us get our answers.

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