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Technology stories that are worth - Week 17, 2017

Corporate Apr 28, 2017

Big Data Cloud Applications Enterprise Mobility Hybrid SharePoint 2016 Predictive modelling


Cloud storage solutions gaining popularity

Storage is an extereme important application for enterprise cloud, but the era of its low-cost warehouse is slowly coming to an end. Soon, enterprises would witness numerous storage options in the cloud inclined towards managing the highly-targeted workloads.

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Ways to eradicate enterprise mobility challenges

Enterprises, usually are not aware of the right strategy required for successful execution of enterprise mobility. Though everything looks perfect from the outside, there might be few glitches that could ruin the enterprise mobility program. So what it could be?

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Big data revolutionizing the enterprise learning

A new development in big data known as predictive modelling is shaping the future of enterprise learning. This tool is designed to modernize the way enterprises carry their learning and development initiatives.

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Unleash the power of SharePoint 2016 hybrid search

Various new features have been introduced during the launch of SharePoint 2016 from which hybrid search is the most popular one. Hybrid search enables the users to generate results from both SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online using a single query.

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