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Technology stories that are worth - Week 13, 2018

Corporate Mar 30, 2018

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Multiple Cloud, multiple challenges

There is much buzz about the pros and cons of a multi-cloud strategy. Find out how you could find solutions to the security challenges your company faces in a multi-cloud environment and protect your application.

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The impact of BYOD on mobile apps

Much has been spoken about BYOD devices. However, the security challenges extend to mobile applications as well. More importantly, developers now have an increased workload, as they have to create work platforms for mobiles as well. More about this in the article.

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Big Data and the future of eCommerce

While there is no doubt that big data is the future of online business, the shift to this technology will need to be planned well especially for the marketing function of your organization. The article lists ways in which big data could enhance your retail business online.

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Preparing your business for the right digital transformation

While digital transformation is inevitable, it must be approached with caution and customized for your brand and industry. What works for another company may not work for you. The article suggests that the transition from analog to digital should be approached as a cultural change instead of as a deadline based project.

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