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Tech News doing the rounds- Week 18

Corporate May 04, 2018

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Secure the Cloud

While cloud has extensively improved the way we do business, BYOD and mobility have made sensitive data easily accessible and as such more vulnerable to threats. Rogue employees, third party employees, and careless workers may be the channel through which security of an enterprise can be breached. So what can be done to avoid such breaches?

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The security of mobile enterprises

The idea of transmitting sensitive data over Wi-Fi or public internet connections makes enterprises less secure. When working from home, employees often don’t take precautions like logging in securely or using only work accounts for work purposes. These actions usually make hacking an easy job. However, with the right tools and training, a business can mitigate some of these risks while ensuring employees can work from home without stressing about data being leaked. 

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GDPR poses challenges for dark data

Soon there will only life before and after GDPR. While companies around the world are preparing themselves to be GDPR ready, they should not only look at obvious sources of data collection. Most often dark data is stored someplace else, which is not analysed or considered. Out of sight, is not out of mind for GDPR regulators, and therefore all your big data would need to be scanned and accounted for.

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Managing Enterprise Collaboration with GDPR

Enterprise collaboration platforms have certain issues to be dealt with in order to be GDPR compliant. Data protection and privacy, employee rights on social media, governance, information archiving and retention of data are just some of those issues.

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