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Tech stories making news – Week 11, 2016

Corporate Mar 11, 2016

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Tech_Digest_2.pngThree common cloud mistakes to avoid

Many businesses are embracing the cloud. However, it is important to perform due diligence and avoid common mistakes. The best way to avoid common pitfalls is learning from other’s mistakes. It is also important to find the right tools to meet business objectives.

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Enterprise mobility is relevant only with context

Many companies are planning to build enterprise app stores. It is predicted that in the next couple of years half of the mobile apps will be created by analysts without coding. With this fast pace of change, everyone is moving towards enterprise mobility through apps. However, you need to enable users to perform the required actions to get the job done (context) on the relevant platform.

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Big Data to predict elections

Processing of natural language has helped a number of services to build predictive capabilities. How can businesses make sense of big data and also use it to forecast the future? A Canadian tech company has just showed the way by building an election tracker service that utilizes big data technology to make predictions.

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Collaborating in educational institutions with office 365

Microsoft provides some great tools to work efficiently. In the education space, Office 365 Groups fosters collaboration for professional development, improves communication among departments and helps organize classes and training sessions. Office 365 groups are used by many educational institutions to enable some core education processes.

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