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Technology Stories Everyone’s Excited About - Week 5, 2015

Corporate Jan 30, 2015

AWS Big Data cloud computing mobile apps Technology Enterprise Mobility

AWS leading the Cloud Race

The cloud race currently underway is being closely fought between Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer. However, Amazon seems to be winning this land grab of customers. The recent fourth quarter earnings by Amazon has revealed that AWS has over one million 'active' customers with close to 90% year-over-year for the fourth quarter. Active customers include those who have signed up for free accounts but does not include dormant ones.

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Big Data Changing the Approach towards Healthcare

Big Data is helping government organizations analyze costs, understand trends and anticipate security threats. They view the technology as a great way to gain valuable insights into problems, most actively in the healthcare space. Data scientists are creating tools which can predict patient's risk towards diseases or even the path of infection. Healthcare programs can leverage Big Data because the enterprises in this space have access to large databases with information on patient health.

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Enterprise Mobility all about Mobile Apps

Enterprise mobility is becoming more about mobile apps with 62.5% of businesses investing in apps in the last year. An industry report reveals that 35.7% of respondents were beyond the early implementation stage. The investments in apps outnumbered the investors in mobile device management solutions where only 33.9% of the respondents invested in it.

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Box’s successful IPO Strengthens Enterprise Collaboration

Box's successful IPO has validated the rapidly growing enterprise collaboration space. It has come a long way since the time when enterprises were not keen on providing employees the tools needed to work securely from anywhere, anytime using their own devices. The employees were facing a tough battle against legacy systems which locked the content behind firewalls and emails. This environment has created a growing enterprise software market which gives employees the technology to get their jobs done.

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