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Technology news from around the globe - Week 39, 2016

Corporate Sep 23, 2016

IoT Mobility Big Data Collaboration Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud


Shared cross-cloud architecture for public and private clouds

Managing and securing applications has been a greatest challenge for the enterprises across multiple cloud environment. Hence, a more quantified methodology is required to work across clouds.

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Enterprises considering mobility and cloud

In most of the enterprises, cloud computing and enterprise mobility are now collaborating with traditional computing environments. Right from personal laptops to mobile app everything is moving to hybrid cloud.

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Big Data enabling IoT

Big data and IoT are changing the world. They are the major players working together to enhance the technology domains. Without them, the things might not function appropriately. Here are few problems which big data and IoT have managed to solve together. 

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Why enterprise collaboration is important for businesses

Collaboration tools are being widely used by the enterprises globally. It includes a combination of hardware and software required for sharing information within the workplace. Adoption of collaboration tools within a workplace can result into increased productivity and improved communication. 

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