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Inspire-Ready at Microsoft’s annual partner conference of the year

My favourite time of the year is soon approaching and no it’s not ringing Christmas bells yet! For a chief evangelist of a technology company, conferences and networking opportunities take front row. On July 15, I will be in Las Vegas, playing poker at Microsoft Inspire for five days with the hope of winning some good connections, updates and knowledge about the world curated by Microsoft technologies.
Topics: Microsoft Inspire Microsoft IoT Artificial Intelligence

Three days of Microsoft OpenHack data and IoT

It is always an honor and great experience when we participate in a Microsoft event. Recently my colleague, Prasad and I from our office got an opportunity to attend an open-hack event organized by Microsoft. It was scheduled at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. I would describe the experience as an excellent opportunity to interact with professionals working with or at Microsoft who are also contributors to Azure services. Both of us got an opportunity to explore different AZURE IOT/AI and storage related services and an opportunity to work with people from different organizations.
Topics: Microsoft IoT MS OpenHack

Blockchain and IoT form a formidable team

The security, identity, interactions, and transactions are fundamentals for any modern software application today. Incidentally, they form the core of Blockchain-IoT (BIoT). The very nature of BIoT makes it attractive for manufacturing, security, ERP, supply chain, IoT network management, end-user authentication and smart contracts.
Topics: Blockchain BIoT IoT

Driving innovation possibilities with IoT and AI

IoT and AI are already transforming many industries, along with the mix of connectivity, big data, machine learning. And an increasing benefit is making the duo more pervasive.

To fully realize the promise of IoT and the wealth of data it can provide, it's essential to connect it to artificial intelligence which is the brain which crunches all this data to give away a series of valuable predictions.

Combining AI and the Internet of Things

The following AI and IoT combinations all in use today are useful examples of how these two broad concepts collide. Below are the three best use cases of connected devices that leverage artificial intelligence.

Topics: IoT Artificial Intelligence Digital Innovation digital transformation

RPA and IoT powered transformation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to handle repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. Simply put, RPA technology enables companies to automate high-volume manual processes across the enterprise using software robots.
Topics: Robotic Process Automation IoT RPA AI Machine Learning

ABCs of Implementing Digital Experience Monitoring for your Enterprise

What is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)? Is it important for your business? Do you have a plan for it? How do you effectively plan for monitoring digital experiences?

My blog will help you understand the phases of web monitoring, the new techniques, tools, and strategies that should naturally be implemented by DevOps and IT Ops teams.
Topics: Digital Experience Monitoring IoT agile DEM

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