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Data Lake Archiving: On-premise vs the Cloud?

Corporate Sep 04, 2018

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This is the stage of inquiry where most enterprises spend significant time - to choose the strategy which is best for their business. Building a Data Lake is not a small task. It requires a massive amount of storage, disseminated across many servers, all working in sync to provide quick, secure and reliable access to your data. Building a distributed system is much more complex than deploying the single-server solution that many of us are more familiar with. Talking about implementation efficiency, deploying an on-premises Data Lake is much more complex that involves accurate estimation.

While deploying a data lake in the cloud enables you to decouple storage and compute functions and use the storage platform that is best suited and most cost-effective for your needs. It can also be implemented on-premise. While data archival solution on-premise is one way, cloud-based archival solution approach is another which is increasingly being employed by enterprises for the following reasons:

  • Cloud based data archiving ensures enterprise-grade SLA and maintenance overheads
  • Costs of data storage and instances can be optimized with cloud
  • Physical and environmental security can be set-up with no dependency on the legacy systems
  • Ongoing maintenance and support costs will reduce with automation in the cloud
  • Intelligent cloud monitoring tools and cloud optimization tools as a part of the solution enhances performance
  • Take advantage of flexible scale, paying for the storage that you're using without worrying about maximum storage limits
  • Ability to control the operational spending over time
With an on-premises solution, getting budget approval for all the estimated servers not always mean you can go out and buy more. On the contrary, if you over-estimate your storage requirements, there are chances that you can end up using only a percent of the expensive infrastructure that you just deployed. Unlike on-premises, in cloud solutions, you only pay for what you use. What exactly does that mean?

Going cloud first means that you can take the benefit of deploying the Data Lake infrastructure faster that greatly enhances implementation efficiencies.

Implementing a Data Lake that’s right for your business needs can reap huge rewards if you choose the right implementation methodology. This offers an increased availability of data, open new doors for analytics to drive company growth, and enable data analysts to be more efficient. Many of the existing data archival solutions that have gained popularity with large organizations are ones that are also frequently utilized by many sectors and often claim to archive anything.

Let’s explore these various data archival solution strategies in the next blog.

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