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Data Lake Archiving: On-premise vs the Cloud?

This is the stage of inquiry where most enterprises spend significant time - to choose the strategy which is best for their business. Building a Data Lake is not a small task. It requires a massive amount of storage, disseminated across many servers, all working in sync to provide quick, secure and reliable access to your data. Building a distributed system is much more complex than deploying the single-server solution that many of us are more familiar with. Talking about implementation efficiency, deploying an on-premises Data Lake is much more complex that involves accurate estimation.

While deploying a data lake in the cloud enables you to decouple storage and compute functions and use the storage platform that is best suited and most cost-effective for your needs. It can also be implemented on-premise. While data archival solution on-premise is one way, cloud-based archival solution approach is another which is increasingly being employed by enterprises for the following reasons:

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Is your e-Commerce compliant with PCI DSS revisions?

e-Commerce has always been a target for swift cyber theft. You may not even realize that your technology has been compromised by cybercriminals, until after the breach. Nothing is bulletproof, not even standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). However, it at least offers some defense.

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Bring the power of Cloud into your data center

Though cloud is now considered a business imperative, some organisations are still holding back, trying to address questions about data security, resiliency and regulatory compliance. What if there was a way for such organisations to design a cloud environment, similar to a public cloud, within their own data centers?

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Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 7, 2018

Be secured or prepare to be exposed!

Anonymous hackers have created a website that would allow anyone access to your unsecured sensitive data. Is this a call for an alarm? Find out by reading this piece of news!

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Why you should invest in cloud computing?

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Tech story roundup - Week 47, 2016

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