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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 08, 2017

Corporate Feb 24, 2017

cloud Big Data Collaboration cloud computing Enterprise Mobility


Why you should invest in cloud computing?

Lately, cloud has been gaining a lot of popularity because the biggies such as IBM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are experimenting and investing a lot into it. According to industry experts, cloud infrastructure market will keep growing in coming years and will be a profitable one.

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Enterprise mobility trends to watch in 2017

Every enterprise around the world is embracing mobile-first solutions. Looking forward, Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise mobility management (EMM), managed mobility services (MMS) will continue to flourish.

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Banking: Machine learning and AI to the future of big data analytics

Legacy systems used by banks have hampered the productivity of employees resulting into reduced performance. However, the advancement in technology has forced banking providers to explore technological options. To proceed with it, they might need customer insights.

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Best practices for enterprise collaboration and communication

As organization grows, collaboration tasks becomes extremely crucial. According to studies, organizations practicing collaboration are more likely to achieve success in terms of productivity and enhanced customer experience as compared to other.

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