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Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 40, 2018

Corporate Oct 05, 2018

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Blockchain Hackathon in Pune

e-Zest in association with Fresco Capital is organizing an all-Blockchain 24-hours hackathon in Pune on October 13th.  Here's why you should attend.

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The global cloud scene

Like everything else in the online world, the public cloud is increasingly making geography transparent to developers, making it easy to launch global applications at production scale.

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Big Data means Big Opportunities

Big Data is more than just a large chunk of data. What you can do with this data is more interesting a conversation to have. Learn how big data can make itself useful in the future.

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When your e-Commerce goes international

Recent data confirms that globalization is impacting markets across the world, not only in how buying behavior has changed, but when it occurs: The shopping holiday weekend that starts with Black Friday and ends with Cyber Monday is generating major sales figures in diverse markets across the world.

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Mobility revenues to rise by 2020

Consumers will likely provide more than 70 percent of worldwide mobility spending, with slightly more than half of this amount spent on mobile connectivity services and most of the remainder going toward new devices, such as smartphones.

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