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Tech news doing the rounds- Week 49, 2018

Corporate Dec 07, 2018

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Why web design is important to online retailers' success?

Few factors affect an online retailers’ e-Commerce sales more than the design of its retail website. 61% of consumers will leave a retail site and go to a competitor if they have problems using a particular website, according to an exclusive Internet Retailer survey of 562 online shoppers conducted in October 2018.

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4 benefits of the manufacturing cloud

Manufacturers move through the thrilling and vexing experiences of digital transformation. Adopting cloud services when they are good fit can help leaders and IT teams stay focused on innovation, customer needs, and building towards future opportunities. Read this article to know what value cloud brings to manufacturing.

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4 essential BYOD security measures

An organizations’ mobile strategy is more important now than ever before. That said, selecting the right one is often no small task. IT teams must consider their organizations’ overall efficiency, productivity, security, and the privacy of their users. Here are a few factors to take into consideration when mapping a mobile security strategy and determining what will be the best fit for an organization.

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AI and Big Data: Boosting Healthcare Performance

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have been around for a while, but over the last few years have become dominant technologies in almost every industry. In the healthcare IT sector, AI and big data analysis tools are expected to play an expanding and major role, touching every part of healthcare.

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Get started with SharePoint Online in 9 steps

CIOs need to continually monitor and adapt to SharePoint Online's changes, avoiding common pitfalls to ensure a successful and effective rollout of the platform. There are many steps you can take when figuring out how to set up SharePoint Online to ensure it goes smoothly.

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