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Tech Digest – Week 46, 2013

Corporate Nov 16, 2013

Big Data enterprise social mobile application security

Amazon: With New Cloud Services wants to be everything you ever wanted

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now almost becoming the giant of instant infrastructure, also with its cloud services becoming very essential and vital to a whole generation of internet based enterprises, right from small startups to media startups of all types. AWS at the recent Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas took steps that would make it even more important and essential to developers.

Here’s a sneak –peek at exactly how…

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Big Data: Dealing with its problems and gaining value from it

Big Data is the most talked about and the most impressive buzzword doing the rounds these days. In fact it has truly captured our attention with some impressive examples reflecting what the future may just hold as regards Big Data. With restaurant menus, potholes, medicine and many others, Big Data indeed is making its presence felt everywhere.

It is not very difficult to get hung up on the definition of Big Data which is mainly made up of three V’s that stand for volume, velocity and variety. However, Big Data can be thought as a proxy, especially for data challenges that exceed in terms of management capacity and storage for precise, timely and cost effective decision making.

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Five steps to be taken for mobile application security

With the number of mobile devices on a continuous rise and also companies coming up with newer and unique applications with the objective of engaging both employees and customers, the major concern of security is also growing. Research facts from ‘Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report’ have shown data breaches involving mobile devices to be quite uncommon in today’s date; however experts do not deny the possibility of these security threats becoming more and more prevalent in the near future.

But if one follows a few steps and tips for mobile app security; future hazards can be avoided…

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The real face of enterprise social: Productivity or distraction?

There isn’t any doubt that, the potential to increase productivity, engagement and communications through Social Media tools are immense.

However with this surge of social media, many busy professionals are also more likely to take to social media feeds, as what we also call the urges of casual computing — indefinitely scrolling through new posts while riding the bus or waiting in line for a coffee.

However the question now arises, whether social media is exactly helping people catch up on what they missed in the office while busy in meetings, or are they simply looking forward to a mental stimulation, while achieving a sense of getting "caught up" with their virtual social circles?

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