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TECH DIGEST – Week 36, 2014

Corporate Sep 13, 2014

Big Data Cloud-based EHR EEHREHR Solutions Technology Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration

Consider Cloud-based EHR EEHREHR Solutions

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming Information Technology (IT) Management. Cloud computing enables business to grow rapidly, become more efficient and save costs by paying as per use. Cloud-based EHR solutions are offered as complete software packages delivered over the internet, called SaaS, obliterating the need to install and run applications on your own systems and through maintenance and support. While fear of losing control over data is a roadblock in cloud adoption, it actually gives you more control than a client-server EHR. Cloud providers offer great options for protecting your data.

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Healthcare gains big due to Big Data

Big Data is giving us extraordinary opportunities to take a microscopic look at healthcare. Right from checking the effectiveness of expensive cardiac centres to early disease diagnosis, Big Data is already making waves in the healthcare industry. A report released in the US last year stated that using these big datasets, high-risk groups could be targeted with simple interventions. A simple step like this alone could save $38 billion in medical costs associated with cardiac diseases. Overall, it could save Americans between $300 billion to $450bn. Other countries such as Australia are also waking up to its potential.

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Indian firms embracing enterprise mobility

Indian firms increasingly instituting enterprise mobility and BYOD policies to boost employee productivity and bring aglility across different funcions. A recent survey indicates that 71% of indian organizations either have a mobility policy in place or are in the process of drafting one. The biggest challenges are selecting the appropriate platform and developing an enterprise-wide mobility strategy. The top three investment choices for enterprise mobility include telecom expense management, apps for mobile collaboration and MDM.

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Tech giants vie for domination of the enterprise collaboration segment

Global tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon are all battling hard for domination of the digital enterprise collaboration space. It forms one of the key areas of the emerging landscape of new, digitally connected enterprise applications. The vendor which will win this race will do extremely well in the digital age, similar to those who dominated ERP, CRM and HCM did well in the client-server era. However, collaboration is an extremely strategic segment. It connects processes between multiple participants across different business activities. Essentially, it is a platform for the entire enterprise.

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