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Tech Digest – Week 34, 2013

Corporate Aug 24, 2013

Big Data enterprise collaboration landscape PhoneGap and native apps Technology green computing in cloud

Achieving green computing in cloud

The green cloud computing can be achieved by reducing energy consumption and improving resource performance and efficiency around four lifecycle stages, viz., designing, setup, using and disposal.

This can be done by improving Cloud data center design which requires optimum decisions to be made while deciding datacenter location, constructing datacenter building, and selecting low energy consumption resources. Green computing can also be achieved by increasing the lifespan of resources using upgradability and modularity. Also resource consolidation and optimization helps to achieve green computing in the cloud context.

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Steroids.js bridges the performance gap between PhoneGap and native apps by using native UI components and animations

Steroids.js is compatible with PhoneGap and its plugins which will help to improve the performance of PhoneGap Apps by providing native UI elements, multiple WebViews and enhancements.

Steroids helps to build apps that are indistinguishable from native apps and at same time can be built rapidly and easily. It is available as open source and also with commercial license.

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5 Small Ways to Use Big Data to Majorly Improve Business

Big data is becoming big every day. The major hurdle is to understand how to use this big data effectively. To start with, one can monitor the Google trends about the entity they are into business. This will help to design their marketing strategy to attract more and more customers.

Secondly, we can leverage big data benefits by monitoring social media. There are many tools available that can help to consolidate what people are saying or complaining about your product at a single place. To connect to customers one must strengthen connections by using social networks and monitoring social graph. Big data also enables many tools that can help to know details about the people who are visiting your website, the frequency of visit, time spend on each page etc.

Last but not the least; retarget your prospects to convert them into your opportunities. The big data helps to post your company ads on website that your prospects’ visits after visiting your website which helps to keep reminding him about your company. The bottom line is that you need not to be too techy to leverage the benefits of big data.

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Today’s enterprise collaboration landscape: Cloudy, social, mobile

The entire paradigm is shifting. From restrictions to use soft wares on premises and no social connectivity now all enterprise collaboration platforms are moving towards cloud deployment, integration with social media and mobile native apps ensuring 24*7 accessibility.

There are many leaders including BOX, Citrix Podio, Cisco WebEX, IBM Connections, Jive, SharePoint, Salesforce and many more. The collaboration needs can also be meet by using Facebook like platform but the best fit can be find by properly analyzing the business needs, employee comfort level and the optimum use of investment and the technology available.

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