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Tech Digest – Week 24, 2014

Corporate Jun 20, 2014

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Cloud computing’s big impact on small businesses.

Small businesses though seem to be using cloud computing the figures aren’t yet too inspiring. Statistics say that thought 86% most certainly have identified the importance of cloud, 70 % of small businesses still don’t seem to be using cloud computing solutions. Microsoft report for National Small Business week, reported by Talkin’ Cloud, reflects these figures that really point to a sobering conclusion. The interesting conclusion being that, though small businesses succeed in understanding the importance of cloud computing, they aren't exactly sure of how to apply the technology that too as per the case.

Well, however there is also good news that there is an increase in cloud democratizations and that indicates that there is a shift in the market in the direction of more diverse applications and less enterprise-centric.

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Facebook’s Mobile App that doesn't need a Facebook account?

In its latest launch, Facebook Inc. has now come up with a smartphone app that will now enable users to exchange videos and disappearing photos that require that simply does not require users to have a Facebook account; this in a bid to develop mobile services that are beyond the internet company’s core social network!

Christened as ‘Slingshot’, the new app smartly allows users to sign up for the service through their mobile phone numbers alone. It then allows the users to connect with their friends that exist in their contact list or by other ways such as finding their Facebook friends.

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11 Percent growth in BI and Analytics Market in Africa and Middle East in the year 2013, says Gartner.

According to Gartner Inc. the Business Intelligence and Analytics software in Africa and the Middle East has seen a total of 11 Percent rise in 2013 totaling to a whopping $217 million. This has been an impressive change and a good increase since the $ 196 million mark in the year 2013. The BI and Analytics market mainly includes the corporate performance management (CPM), BI platforms, Analytics applications and advanced analytics.

Dan Sommer, Research Director at Gartner said “Largely the market certainly seems to be shifting gears that are eventually keeping growth from seeing its complete potential. Paradoxically, however at the same time, we also see ourselves at the fringe of a series of tipping events; the ones that will facilitate extraordinary interest and thereafter adoption of analytics by many.”

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Kick Start your SharePoint implementation in just 4 ways

As is known, a successful SharePoint implementation entails good planning, end-user training and also effective change management strategies. However, though it is good to have all these steps in synch and well implemented, it is really advisable that one need not wait for the entire project to be completed for rolling things out further. Waiting too long can create anxiety in users and also it will make the project loose its momentum.

Hence, here are a few ways to get the functionality out to your users in a quicker way,

  1. Begin with the primary area of focus: A time-off request is very important and crucial, as every user in interested in it more than the human resources area. This type of a time off request form and approval workflow is will certainly get all the users on to your site. Gradually this will allow users to become familiar with the interface and soon they will get more and more comfortable with using it.

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