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Tech Digest – Week 22, 2014

Corporate Jun 06, 2014

business intelligence cloud imputing impacts e-learning Enterprise Social Solutions Technology Website Designs

How cloud imputing impacts e-learning?

Cloud computing offers a highly practical solution for both students and teachers. A cloud-based environment aids the creation of new generation e-learning systems. Web learning systems are rapidly transforming the way educational institutions approach their pedagogy. In the traditional web-based model, institutions have to invest huge amounts of money on hardware and software applications, infrastructure, maintenance and training. However, moving to the cloud will enable these institutions to get powerful software with significantly lower costs and staff workload. The users also have access to diverse software applications, share data, collaborate more easily, and secure their data.

Nowadays, some educational institutions provide private cloud services for their staff, students and many external people for collaboration. Everyone has access to applications, services and tools. Teachers can conduct classes without physical classrooms because cloud enables them to share the information anywhere, anytime. Going forward, cloud-based learning systems will be an efficient and cost-effective way for educational institutions to prepare students to succeed in the new age information society.

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Companies can streamline operations through business intelligence

Ohio-based Columbus Zoo and Aquarium desperately wanted to improve its data warehousing and dashboard analytics to streamline operations. Having previously relied on its own custom-written data solution which was developed internally, the solution could not keep pace with the growth of the zoo. The zoo implemented new business intelligence (BI) system which could collate data from various sources and create effective enterprise reporting.

The platform enabled the management to use dashboards, portals and reports, and integrate mobile analytics, which was useful for staff members based in the zoo's remote sites. The new system helped the zoo build membership and revenue portals and enabled data-driven decisions. This led to more accurate insights about the revenue. It also helped the management capture the attendance at various attractions around the zoo to help determine the most popular ones of the lot.

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Website Designs changing for the better due to mobile apps

An increasing number of people are accessing the web via mobile devices nowadays. This has given rise to different expectations from online experiences. Users will simply reject traditional HTML text heavy websites. Faced with the sleek design and refined visual aesthetic of mobile apps, websites around the world have to reconcile to this change.

With the rise of the iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems, lots of new languages and experiences have come forth. Good website developers have to stay updated to create delightful experiences for the user. Owing to the numerous devices, screen sizes and operating systems, it is a challenging task to deliver smooth web experiences. The approach has to be emulation of mobile app designs in order to create captivating websites.

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Enterprise Social Solutions can boost project management

A combination of social, collaboration and communication technologies can help companies network effectively. Companies are now increasingly becoming responsive - learning and responding rapidly through open communication, experimentation and working as one cohesive network. Enterprise social technologies can help in improving employee engagement, enabling team collaboration and driving innovation in product development and service delivery.

Enterprise social platforms can be very powerful when the project team works across multiple locations and time zones. The mobile apps helps team members to stay connected always. A social platform can also help identify experts to be part of the project team, particularly when their experience comes from a previous role in some other organisation.

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