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Tech Digest - Week 15, 2014

Corporate Apr 19, 2014

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When there is a “clash of clouds”

Thanks to the clashing cloud camps, soon there would be no need to build your own data storage systems as prices for cloud services drop. Amazon, Google and Microsoft have started an epic war when it comes to pricing of their cloud services to lure customers. There was a massive price cut as much as 85 percent by these three tech companies to draw their customers last month (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine, respectively).

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Bring your data into the real world to make it worthwhile

As the relationship between technology and society is evolving with every passing generation, many now seem convinced that the best way to make sense of our world and its many problems is by analyzing vast amount of data that we call ‘big data.’

Google flu trends rather gives us an interesting insight about the future of big data, as its failure was mainly due to immaturity of big data, contributing to the blind belief that sitting behind a computer screen crunching number will be enough to understand the world we live. And they were proved wrong.

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Apps are in, web is out

Flurry analytics’ new study indicates mobile developers where they should be putting their resources to good use, as the consumer time spent on mobile apps keeps rising and time spent on mobile web browsing has shrunk. This decline is due to apps complete domination over mobile and mobile browsing taking a backseat.

Flurry’s five year report on mobile industry released last year indicates that 80 percent of U.S. consumers’ time was spent on mobile apps, while 20m percent was spent on the mobile web.

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OneDrive gives competition to SharePoint

While there are many players in the file sharing space like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive is catching up to the competition in the file sharing space. OneDrive for business is Microsoft’s file sync, share and collaboration service which has been announced by Microsoft as a standalone subscription service. It is now being perceived as a possible alternate to SharePoint for its new features, functions, extensibility improvements and more.

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