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Tech Digest – Week 12, 2013

Corporate Mar 22, 2013

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Microsoft's Cloud Computing strategy and roadmap evident at convergence 2013

This is a keynote that made an important shift in how this technology leader is marketing itself to partners and outside the world. The roadmap basically emphasized on how the first strategy of the cloud of Microsoft is playing well with the partners. Despite that recent outage, Microsoft’s ecosystem on dynamics is flourishing, as it is evidenced by the attendance and participation. The cloud-first strategy has infused a sense of hope and anticipation in many partners and resellers.

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Big Data investments ramp, says Gartner

Nearly half of the leaders in technology are contributing in big data projects, according to a recent survey by Gartner. The conclusion is that in 2013 we will see many projects that got conceived in 2012 will go to production. According to Gartner, 20 percent of global 100 companies will have a focus on information infrastructure comparable to application management.

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Microsoft extends Azure Hadoop, Mobile app development functionality

As the big data applications are hard to handle and can be simplified by using the HDInsight service for Windows Azure. To make it easier to deploy and manage the Hadoop clusters, Microsoft Azure could integrate more mobile apps with the cloud platform. HDInsight lets users deploy, manage and use Hadoop clusters running on Windows Azure.

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Shorten your backlog: Integrating ASP.NET and SharePoint

When we want to make our applications easy to manage we can integrate .NET applications with SharePoint. When your application demands to manage a fluid process like managing the complaints from customers, accelerating customers’ orders or some equally unstructured process. These kinds of business processes often involve coordinating members of multiple departments and managing unstructured information while still setting and managing deadlines.

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