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Utilizing agile development methodology for product engineering effectively

Sonal Borkar Feb 16, 2017

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Agile methodology is a flexible and simple approach to manage product engineering in a collaborative environment. Agile development methodology is somehow like other approaches like Waterfall but much evolved for modern software development approach. It ensures cost-effective and rapid product engineering by initially developing and delivering the important features of the product. 

The software products which follow agile methodology usually have one or more iterations (or sprints) of shorter duration lasting from 2 days to 2 months and entire product is delivered at the end of final sprint. Agile approach cannot be only followed by developers but also by project managers, QA managers, writers or UX designers. 

Here are 4 characteristics when to apply agile approach to your software product. 

  • Inconsistent project scope owing to the changing industry standards.
  • Small and complex projects.
  • Engagement of multiple stakeholders in particular projects.
  • Need of delivering a working product to track the product accomplishment.

Adopting agile approach for your product engineering offers lots of benefits and also minimizes the risk of failure.  

Here are 5 important benefits of embracing agile methodology for product engineering: 

  • Agile methodology allows you to easily embrace the change driven by the customers or technology. Agile’s basic principle is change, as the product evolves during the engineering process.
  • Agile approach empowers active involvement of the stakeholders throughout the product engineering by providing a collaborative environment.
  • Quality Assurance process is integrated in agile methodology which facilitates stakeholder’s flexibility to make necessary alterations at an early stage ensuring minimal rework and efficient end-product.
  • Clear visibility is an added advantage while following agile approach which helps the stakeholders to take necessary decision at an early stage.
  • Agile ensures that cost are in control and also benefits in delivering valuable product.

However, the type of methodology depends upon the nature of your product. If your product has pre-defined steps and processes then you should opt for waterfall methodology. On the contrary, if your project requirements are not certain and demands multiple iterations then agile is well-suited for your product engineering.

We at e-Zest have our own experience of following agile methodology which have been highlighted here.

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