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How to layout an effective digital commerce strategy?

Mandar Thosar Jun 27, 2017

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In today’s age of digitalization, it is extremely essential for enterprises to implement constructive digital commerce strategy. This is because, it will help them engage and connect with their customers. There are various enterprise executives who believe they are on the right track in this regards. Opportunities are available only for those businesses that are able to realize the true potential of digital commerce, but if they fail digital commerce is not their thing.

Where enterprises are lacking and how they can improvise?

Few enterprise executives are aware of the desired strategy, but they might be scared of its execution, as it forces them to confront to a future they can only imagine. The purpose of having a structured strategy is not only to eliminate the risks but also to increase the odds of success.
According to industry experts, 50-60% of executives rely upon user experience for attracting and engaging their customers. However, majority of them feel they are unable to reach their customers and collaborate with them. This has led in poor brand visibility and fewer sales comparatively.
As the world is going digital, expectations and demands of the customers towards the brand are increasing. This situation has forced the digital commerce enterprises to not only improve, but also offer an expertise to provide significant and personalized experiences to their customers.

In addition, creating a personalized experience for the customers is important, as it is one of the best ways to engage directly with customers. The executives should rethink on the performance of their IT platform to deliver the individualized experiences and work through the complexities involving the connection between multiple channels.

Enterprises who are working towards the customer engagement must understand that digital commerce when collaborated with effective marketing strategy can be a significant step towards providing best customer experience. Furthermore, a transparent communication between the IT and marketing team can work wonders in terms of driving customer satisfaction.

What will happen if enterprise fails to strategize?

For enterprises, digital commerce is one in a million chance of success and therefore it should be considered as priority. If a customer feels ignored and disconnected from a brand they will move to another brand aligned to their expectations.

In conclusion

2017 is the year of digital commerce. This year will transform the digital approaches and enable enterprises to understand how to execute an effective digital commerce strategy to achieve immediate results. According to industry experts, if the marketing and IT work hand in hand, it will automatically elevate the performance digital commerce platform. If the plan and vision for the digital commerce investments are accurate, the brand visibility and customer engagement will advance. At the end, this all developments will result in increased revenue and at the same will secure the customers loyalty.

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