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How IoT fits into digital commerce world?

Mandar Thosar May 10, 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) Digital Commerce

The internet of things (IoT) is rapidly becoming vital for businesses. As web, mobile and cloud technologies have powered digital commerce, IoT is the next big catalyst thrusting digital commerce growth.    

IoT summary

IoT being the revolution of decade refers to connected objects we use in our daily lives. Starting from TV, laptop to a simple smartphone, the interactions among these devices and products are probable because of IoT. But, have you ever questioned, how the IoT era can transform digital commerce businesses?

How IoT can help digital commerce business?

The IoT connected devices can serve as a key tool for brand marketers, brand strategists and retailers willing to expand their business to the physical and virtual world of commerce. The data collected from these devices facilitate the marketers to provide logical and relevant offers to customers. In exchange, customers can have a great and customized buying experience.  

How this works?

Marketers already have enormous data collected from connected devices such as customer buying habits, the buying frequency, their journey that lead them to purchase and much more. Marketers prefer to improve the customer buying experience without spending much time on it. For instance, consider you visit a supermarket for buying vegetables frequently. This is kind of daily routine for you. However, it's time consuming, owing to the big queues at the billing counter. To avoid this, IoT devices can be leveraged. They could without a doubt order the vegetables for you, allowing you not to spend time on this.

IoT enables the marketers to foresee the customer requirements as well. Let us have a look at an example here, the customer’s smartphone can tell the location of the customer. If the weather forecast shows heavy rain in customer’s area then the marketers can display the adverts such as raincoats, rubber boots and umbrella and offers related to waterproof products and their prices.  


Leveraging IoT for your digital commerce efforts involves ample amount of research and continuous advancement. Before implementing IoT for business marketers must make sure their customers are connected and have access to them, as these devices will majorly influence the buying experience of the customers. If applied suitably, IoT can surely fit in the digital commerce world.

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