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Data Lake Archiving: On-premise vs the Cloud?

This is the stage of inquiry where most enterprises spend significant time - to choose the strategy which is best for their business. Building a Data Lake is not a small task. It requires a massive amount of storage, disseminated across many servers, all working in sync to provide quick, secure and reliable access to your data. Building a distributed system is much more complex than deploying the single-server solution that many of us are more familiar with. Talking about implementation efficiency, deploying an on-premises Data Lake is much more complex that involves accurate estimation.

While deploying a data lake in the cloud enables you to decouple storage and compute functions and use the storage platform that is best suited and most cost-effective for your needs. It can also be implemented on-premise. While data archival solution on-premise is one way, cloud-based archival solution approach is another which is increasingly being employed by enterprises for the following reasons:

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Tech Digest – Week 30, 2012

The Right mix of policies to promote cloud computing

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