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Rajendra Babtiwale

Currently Rajendra is Principal cosultant at e-Zest Solutions Ltd. guiding on quality systems of an organization. He is mechanical engineer having experience in automobile domain. He has an exposure for 30+ years (including Godrej and Thermax) in variety of Industries in India and abroad. He has worked on shop floors and in corporate offices. He is associated with Anaar consultancy group in USA and has conducted 1000+, 2 and 3 days workshops on Anaar philosophy for all levels of management to spread Dr. Deming’s philosophy to ‘Become Globally Competitive’. He is on faculty team of MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture) . He is qualified ‘Lead Assessor’ for ISO 9000:2008. He has developed user-friendly methodology for organizations to get ISO 9001:2008 keeping bear minimum documentation and ease of operations.

Recent Posts by Rajendra Babtiwale:

Applying GDPR to Marketing and Sales units

I am aware of the delay in delivering this blog, however it is for a good reason. Before I start explaining the second scenario let me clarify one definition, which I have misinterpreted in my previous blog.

In my previous blog I had mentioned the context of EU citizens. That context needs to be changed to EU residents instead of citizens. GDPR is for EU residents. Who can be considered as EU residents? I asked for help from few consultants and they clarified it as follows:
Topics: GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Marketing and sales

Application of GDPR in HR and Talent Acquisition processes

Since we have explored the depths of GDPR in my previous blogs, we are now equipped with the required knowledge, which would help us at looking at different scenarios for application of this new policy. Reflecting on these scenarios would aid organizations to assess their capabilities to become GDPR compliant.

Topics: GDPR General Data Protection Regulation workplace Human Resource Talent Management data privacy europe

GDPR - Key Terms Explained

In previous blogs, we talked about few key requirements of the GDPR. We explored the terms GDPR, controller, processor, personal data, legitimate interests, consent, and privacy rights.

I personally got confused and amused by a term ‘Data Subject’ used in the regulation. Data Subject is an EU resident whose personal information is being collected or processed. I personally did not like this term as it is very impersonal. It is expected by the regulation that the language used in the ‘privacy notice’, ‘consent forms’ and many other instruments for communicating with the EU citizens should be very simple and easy to understand. I felt the language used by the regulation should have been simple and easy to understand for the people for whom it is meant and for the organizations which plan to comply. After all regulatory laws are meant to be like that. So, Data Subject is an entity, which is a living person in EU.
Topics: GDPR europe General Data Protection Regulation data subject

Data Protection in the EU : Understanding GDPR

In my previous post, I briefly introduced GDPR, but there is so much more to it than what one article warrants. In today’s article, I begin to dissect this perplexing notion of data protection.

Topics: GDPR data privacy europe Privacy General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR: Impact of EU's New Privacy Policy

Several technology organizations in the world have been successful in becoming compliant to various quality and security management standards. They have not only achieved compliance, but have also successfully upheld those standards relentlessly over the years.

Topics: GDPR europe data privacy Privacy Quality Assurance

Accounts Receivables (AR) – A proactive approach

During discussion with my colleagues in finance and accounts function, I came to know about the issues faced by the organization due to payments not made by clients. This creates lot of hardship as cash flow planning goes for a toss. Follow up on the receivable adds to the cost of finance and overall it creates a bad test for the organization and its client.

Topics: Accounts Receivables finance accounts outstanding payments

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