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Blueprint to winning #HackathonPune

Girish Chandra Oct 11, 2018

#HackathonPune Blockchain Azure PaaS

With just two days to go, I am sure you are wondering what you need to do to prepare. Let me help you.

Prep: Prepare well. Choose an industry that you feel most passionately for and develop your idea. For this make sure your team meets before the hackathon to brainstorm.

BYOD: Come prepared with your development setup complete with your wifi ready laptop and preinstalled tools. We will provide wifi access, but it is always good to have your own arrangement, just in case.

Show excitement: Share your excitement on your social media channels. Make sure to tag @techezest and include hashtags #HackathonPune and #Blockchainforgood in your posts. 

Drive and Vision: Be driven by your passion to innovate the next big thing for the creation of value for society and for business.

Contacts: Have our contact details at easy reach. Download our Android or iOS app.

Are you all packed now? You have arrived at the #HackathonPune venue to participate in the hackathon on the blockchain. Now what?

Make yourself comfortable. You and we are together for 24 hours straight. Let’s make sure you drop our guards and get comfortable with the premises and your hosts.

Pay attention to the announcements. You do not want to be missing the requirements, which will lead you closer to your goal.

Get the technology in place.  Our tech team will be available to help you set up. We are happy to announce that we can open Microsoft Azure passes worth $100 if you need it.

Reach out: We have invited renowned techies from around the world. Here’s your chance toyou’re your questions answered. Be ready to meet and mingle with Patanjali Somayahi, Kiran Deshpande, Uday Kothari, Stephen Forte, and Manish Prabhu.

If you are new to the blockchain, you are in the right place at #HackathonPune. You can innovate and learn. Prizes will not simply be awarded to a finished product, as we all know it may be practically impossible to code a complete project on a new technology within the span of 24 hours. So we are choosing instead to evaluate entries based on the idea, approach, choice of blocks or technology, and your progress over the 24 hours.

For individuals that are hungry for learning it is strongly recommended that you attend #HackathonPune no matter your background. If you are a developer, it offers excellent possibilities to improve your skills and speak to experts in each given field. Even for those not from an IT background #HackathonPune offers excellent insight into the IT world, a great networking platform, and practice in presenting and thoroughly developing your ideas.

Now that you’re convinced, register here. See you on Saturday!

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