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#HackathonPune 2018

Corporate Oct 13, 2018

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The season three of #HackathonPune was all about building something that unleashes the limitless potential of people and organizations for the good of the larger community. It’s one of those weekend mornings that saw participants walking in with ideas as they mean it, already whispering their thoughts to their partners while they register. That moment was proof that many have taken the challenge to create a solution and build something beyond bitcoins or crypto. After all, the theme was blockchain for good. As the blockchain technology is still in the nascent stage, there were bound to be many questions and we had the best of the minds on board to answer.

#HackathonPune 2018 started with a lot of vigor and zest with #BlockchainForGood as a theme. The event started with an opening ceremony by the participants and e-Zest team members, followed by an insightful session on 'work 2025' by Stephen Forte, co-founder and Managing Partner of Fresco Capital, who addressed the participating teams with a key message to build something that matters. He highlighted a startling fact to these coders that they are going to be the bosses and the future belongs to them as they are tech-savvy and use technology in all areas of life.

As the participants began to put their ideas in codes, the teams were cheered by all present at the event. The panel of judges was down on the floor talking to them giving needed feedback and insights for solving problems using blockchain.

The event saw 71 teams who have come to participate from all across India. They had one thing to say in common about the event ‘HackathonPune rocks’ which is motivation enough for us to keep the spirit of hackathon alive. The participants expressed their gratitude talking about the experience and exposure they get here and the value it adds to enhance their skills.

The Fireside chat with CIOs saw leaders from many industries talking about the way technology is going to change how we work and engage within the next decade or sooner. The round-up saw some of the best minds in technology that included CIOs, directors and thought leaders of global companies.

The start-up pitch gig had start-ups, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and individuals all willing to take that plunge with the next big idea. There were many interesting start-up ideas from these young companies. The panelists challenged these teams with questions enough to nudge them to think one notch higher and choose the right model to further their business. The end of the session saw the amalgamation of ideas and solutions that solve the problem using technologies like blockchain, AI and AR.

Teams ideating to curate plan ‘B’lockchain were welcome to not just ideate and code but to eat, meet, dance and innovate. There were plenty of things to keep them hooked – live music, quiz, food, knowledge sessions and of course code.

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