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Tech Digest – Week 34, 2014

Cloud computing jargon decoded

By Corporate Aug 29, 2014

Why are enterprise apps and the developer community running as parallel lines?

2014 can be called the Year of the Enterprise. With the explosion of the mobility movement and a positive reception of BYOD, it can be safely said that ...

By Corporate Aug 28, 2014

Editable Mobile Apps with Hybrid Development Approach – Come Again?

For enterprises,mobile apps serve a variety of purposes –boosting enterprise productivity, improving operations, attracting new customers or improving customer ...

By Corporate Aug 26, 2014

What do we need? Risk Management or Compliance

There is a lot of misconception in the Healthcare Industry that if you are complying with the regulatory requirements you are automatically managing the risk. ...

By Satish Khune Aug 26, 2014

13 Incredible Benefits of Mobile Learning

For organizations and educational institutes alike, there is no debate on whether mobiles have any real application to learning. Mobile learning, also known as ...

By Corporate Aug 25, 2014

How to improve the performance of the application in ASP .Net


By Swapna Patne Aug 25, 2014

Key Trends in Mobile Application Development

The recently concluded Enterprise Apps World saw most organizations keen on going mobile. Since the lines between personal life and work continue to blur owing ...

By Corporate Aug 24, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 33, 2014

The future of cloud computing: XaaS

By Corporate Aug 22, 2014

Windows Azure vault creation

Steps used to Azure recovery vault:

By Kunal Patil Aug 22, 2014

Are Marketing Apps Changing the Way Content is Delivered?

Content marketing today does not need justification. It has become more or less a standard and accepted way of marketing. While more and more marketers have ...

By Corporate Aug 22, 2014

TABit: The little mobile monster

Which phone do you own? The answer to that would only be valid a few months from now. Mobile devices are the party wear of this generation: you buy one for ...

By Abhishek Mishra Aug 21, 2014

How to become an efficient Tester?

A good tester is not the one who finds more bugs in testing. There are a few aspects to be considered if you really want to become an efficienttester. And ...

By Aparna Mohod Aug 21, 2014

From people to objects: The new world order of ‘Internet of Things’

‘Internet of Things’ seems like a simple term that sums up a very complex and increasingly interconnected world. The Internet of Things is a technological ...

By Sneha Aug 20, 2014

Editable Cross-Platform Mobile Apps – The Next-Gen of Mobile Apps

Today, mobility has changed the way we do business. It is now more of a revolution than just a mere trend…There are roughly 120 million U.S. smartphone users ...

By Corporate Aug 20, 2014

How to increase the effectiveness of testing process?

An organization spends enough money on testing to get good return on investment, customer satisfaction and ‘good will’. Hence the quality of testing directly ...

By Aparna Mohod Aug 19, 2014

Customer success is the key to SaaS Success

B2B SaaS products have been around for more than a decade now. Almost every day there is a new B2B SaaS product being launched in the market replacing all the ...

By Shailesh Gogate Aug 18, 2014

Tablets – on the way to saturation or reinvention?

According to the updated Gartner report, 2015 will be the year of the tablet.

By Corporate Aug 15, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 32, 2014

Cloud will change the way business is done by 2020

By Corporate Aug 15, 2014

In an alternate universe of mobile learning (m-learning)

Writing anything on the subject of mobile can be very tedious as mobile has almost become omnipresent in every aspect of our life. There are multitudes of ...

By Ketan Patil Aug 12, 2014

Innovation: Both Disruptive and Adaptive

The stories of ‘the father of automobiles’, where he has a more far-reaching vision than ‘faster horses’, has been some of our first anecdotal trysts with ...

By Abhishek Mishra Aug 11, 2014

e-Zest celebrates its fourteenth year of foundation

It was a day of joy for all e-Zest members as the company celebrated its fourteenth year of foundation on August 8, 2014. The number 14 holds special ...

By Corporate Aug 09, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 31, 2014

How to plan your cloud computing path

By Corporate Aug 08, 2014

How secure is the Enterprise Mobility world?

Work today is moving far from the traditional concepts that defined it. With the rise of the mobile era, companies today are veering towards flexible working ...

By Corporate Aug 07, 2014

Indoor Positioning

Geo-fenced push ads have been a rage since the app makers discovered the power of region monitoring using GPS.

By Ruchi More Aug 06, 2014

Role of Wearable Technology in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is currently undergoing a tremendous overhaul in an effort to make healthcare more meaningful, affordable and accessible to patients. ...

By Satish Khune Aug 06, 2014

e-Zest CEO Devendra Deshmukh shares experiences about starting operations in the US

e-Zest CEO and Founder Devendra Deshmukh shed light on his experiences while setting up operations in the US at the recently held Scaale - IACC event. ...

By Corporate Aug 06, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 30, 2014

Three Things to do before adoption of cloud

By Corporate Aug 01, 2014

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