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Tech Digest – Week 32, 2014

Corporate Aug 15, 2014

and enterprise collaboration Big Data and Analytics cloud computing

Cloud will change the way business is done by 2020

Cloud computing saves time and money, and it has immense potential to transform the way business is done. The percentage of small enterprises in the US using cloud computing is expected to double to 80% by 2020, a study has revealed. While currently it is employed more to reduce costs and improve efficiency, its adoption will change small and large businesses.

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Big Data disrupts corporate culture

Big Data can help businesses achieve the 360 degree view of customers, a much sought after insight. For businesses whose self-initiated big data processes cannot do so, cloud-based services can step in to help. They can provide "off premises" data about customers, such as frequency of visits, purchase patterns, preferences, among others. Companies can also monitor conversations about them on social media. Combined with information from their internal systems, this provides a comprehensive view of customer behaviour and capabilities to drill down into buying patterns and relational data about individual customers.

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Enterprise mobility in the government to get a boost from Apple-IBM partnership

With Apple's recent partnership with IBM, the former's growing clout in the enterprise space may expand greatly. Experts think that IBM could give Apple a software and marketing edge in the government sector. The partnership will see both the companies jointly create business applications for specific sectors. Apple has made inroads into many public sector accounts. While in 2009, the company had only 1% share of enterprise and government sector spending in 2009, Forrester Research data has revealed that this will grow by much as 11% by 2015.

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Fuze partners with Dropbox, Box and Okta for enterprise video collaboration

Fuze, an enterprise video collaboration service, has entered into a partnership with Dropbox, Box and Okta which will allow users to add files from one of these services directly. This will improve the users to collaborate from anywhere, any time. Fuze CEO David Obrand, said that the service wants to bring people and content together anywhere. To simplify access to content from any device, Fuze has partnered with popularly used applications such as Dropbox.

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