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e-Zest becomes Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Partner

e-Zest is glad to announce Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content competency addition to its profile renewing its Gold Partnership status again this year. This latest competency showcases e-Zest’s vast knowledge resource and also its proficiency in the SharePoint arena. Microsoft has extended this new competency from earlier portals and collaborations competency by including content management and search competencies to make it more relevant for today’s enterprises.

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Appcelerator’s Titanium - The Next Generation Mobile Platform

Smartphones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous, and with them, mobile applications. With a tremendous momentum for mobile application development, mobile developers are confronted with a plethora of choices for mobile development platforms. Mobile developers are compelled to choose between Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, and Windows mobile, as each platform is incompatible with the other.

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Tech Digest – Week 04, 2013

AWS boosts Cloud computing performance with High Memory Cluster Instances

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Public Key Infrastructure

There are two types of cryptography – symmetric and asymmetric. In one of my previous blog posts, I had written about symmetric cryptography. In this blog post, I’m writing about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which uses asymmetric cryptography.

Topics: asymmetric cryptography Certificate Revocation List Code Signing Certificate CRL key escrow National Repository of Digital Certificates security SSL Certificate Registration Authority NRDC PGP PKI Pretty Good Privacy Digital Signature encryption Digital Certificate Controller of Certifying Authorities Licensed CAs in India Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Authority root certificate cloud computing IT Act Technology CCA Digital Signature Certificate

2013 Software Development and Technology Trends

With the end of 2012, everybody is looking forward towards the technology development for this year. 2013 is going to be the year for new technical trends and some really amazing gizmos that will easily overshadow the previous ones. In other words, it would be a special year for the IT world. There would be an enhancement of technology on many fronts; from IT flexibility, efficiency and cost savings. Trends this year would have a good potential to get significant dominance over the software development community. The key points listed below will have a profound impact over the entire IT ecosystem. The technology trends which e-Zest will follow in 2013 are as follows:

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e-Zest - 2012 Key Updates

e-Zest has built advanced solutions in Mobile and Cloud computing in various domains and industries. We would like to highlight some of our work here that made us proud as we have received a very positive feedback from our clients like you.

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Spring Singleton and Java Singleton Pattern

I thought of writing this blog while studying the difference between Singleton pattern and Spring Framework Singleton scope for Bean/POJO. As the default scope for Bean within Spring container is singleton, hence while using Spring's ApplicationContext and BeanFactory we will be getting a single instance to work with. Hence we may be using the Bean instance from the BeanFactory which is singleton in nature, but it is quite different from the Singleton Pattern.

Topics: Spring Framework singleton pattern Java Design Pattern Technology

EDI Unleashed – Series 5

Till we’ve discussed about the fundamentals of EDI. We’ve also looked in to the benefits of Clearinghouses and the criteria for selecting Clearinghouse.

Topics: Electronic Data Interchange EDI messages healthcare EDI messages healthcare EDI HIPAA Technology

Tech Digest – Week 03, 2013

Google Apps Cloud partners attract venture capital

Topics: mobile devices SharePoint 2013 CMIS cloud services brokerage Mobile BI Cloud Computing Services cloud software SharePoint Admin Toolkit mobile BI applications Google Apps Content Management Interoperability Services mobile business MEAP SharePoint 2010 Android cloud management Mobile Enterprise Application Platform Technology

Battle of the minds at e-Zest’s Quizland Finals

e-Zest commenced its new year with a Quiz event called ‘Quizland’. The grilling Quiz event aimed at promoting the value of learning and knowledge quest amongst the team members. This quiz threw the field open to the entire team of e-Zest hence challenging their level of wit and knowledge. Top five finalists were chosen from a qualifying round wherein majority of e-Zestians had tried their luck.

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Tips to deliver successful projects

Managing offshored projects can often overwhelm our global clients. They have to work with offshore teams across time zones with the lack of face to face interaction. At times they even lack the knowledge of offshore cultural background. All these factors add to the already complex nature of the project. It is not always possible to work seamlessly like a cohesive co-located team in a virtual team setup (globally located teams). Below are some simple tips that have come from my experience of delivering successful fixed price projects from offshore that can help any organization deliver successful projects across the globe –

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How to Retrieve Active Directory Information for Authentication in ASP.NET


Topics: Active Directories Lightweight Directory Access Protocol C#.NET LDAP ASP.NET Microsoft .Net Technology

DevOps – Bringing chaotic world together to work efficiently

DevOps acronym for Development and Operations is the new and the latest trend in the Software Engineering. People say it starts where Agile ends and there is fusion of mainly 3 functions in software engineering – Development, QA and Operations. In fact, it’s a way to bring these 3 chaotic worlds together to function more efficiently delivering higher anticipated value to customer. With compressed timeline, IT operations moving on the cloud, advent of enterprise mobility, Software Engineers are adapting to this new trend and partnering with QA and Production teams. There is no way these 3 worlds of chaos can work in silos in such a dynamic world of IT.

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Tech Digest – Week 02, 2013

Cloud computing market in 2013

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‘BEST’ key to Onsite Business Analysis

I had an opportunity to be in Paris to discuss an upcoming module in the existing application that we have built for our client. It was a crucial one month as it was a challenge to complete the requirements and get a sign off. Now why do I call it a ‘Challenge’? Here are some reasons:

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Basic Checklist for Testing Applications

As a test engineer we have to ensure that a bug-free and fully tested application gets delivered to the end user. Complete testing requires a lot of time which is a rare scenario. In such a situation, a quick list of testing scenarios might prove to be the much needed companion of testers.

Topics: Application Testing Usability Test Scenarios Test Scenarios Technology Quality Assurance

Amazon Web Service Command line tool installation

When your application is running on Cloud it becomes very important for you to know about managing your applications. Amazon provides many tools to manage AWS resources e.g. UI console, API (PHP, Java, Dot Net etc.), command line tools and so on. We prefer working on console but sometimes it becomes mandatory to access system through command line. One of such situation is when RDS is running out of space and you are not able to see the console.

Topics: amazon web services AWS Command Line tool AWS Command line tool installation cloud computing Technology

Blood donation drive - a great success at e-Zest

Continuing with its tradition of regularly holding blood donation camp, e-Zest has organized blood donation camp. Blood donation is said to be the greatest donation that anyone can ever do, as it has to be given by the donor with a willing heart. e-Zest as a people’s organization understands its responsibility towards the nation and the society and has always believed in giving back to the society in whatever way possible.

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Tech Digest – Week 01, 2013

Amazon almost all the time in Cloud computing in 2012

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2013 - The Year of Responsive Web Design!

2012 has been a very unusual year in the PC market. For the first time since 2001, PC sales are projected to be lower than they were in the previous year. The shift to mobile and tablets is happening at an extraordinary speed.

Topics: Flexible Grids Media queries CSS3 Grid Layout Responsive Web Design Technology

Fun, joy and frolic all the way at the e-Zest Funfair

e-Zest chose to close off 2012 with an event which resonated its spirit of OLIVZ and also contributed something back to the society. It organized funfair where all the proceeds generated through this event would be donated to an orphanage.

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e-Zest is a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies that utilizes emerging technologies for creating engaging customers experiences. Being a customer-focused and technology-driven company, it always helps clients in crafting holistic business value for their software development efforts. It offers software development and consulting services for cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics, user experience and digital commerce.