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Blood donation drive - a great success at e-Zest

Corporate Jan 05, 2013

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Continuing with its tradition of regularly holding blood donation camp, e-Zest has organized blood donation camp. Blood donation is said to be the greatest donation that anyone can ever do, as it has to be given by the donor with a willing heart. e-Zest as a people’s organization understands its responsibility towards the nation and the society and has always believed in giving back to the society in whatever way possible.

e-Zest team took part in encouraging numbers to make this noble gesture a splendid success. More than 20 percent of e-Zestians donated the precious fluid and felt content. One team member who donates blood every year said, “I really endorse this cause as it is truly noble in nature and helps save lives. I’ve been donating blood in every camp organized at e-Zest since last 3 years.’’

Many blood banks are reportedly having blood shortage on daily basis unfortunately endangering lives in many cases. If the blood banks are replenished periodically then blood banks can be self sufficient to save lives. Hence one need not be a doctor to save a life; one can do so by just donating blood.

As a social responsibility, it is necessary to recognize the importance of blood donation campaigns as it not only assures an adequate supply of blood, but also helps save thousands of lives. ‘’It is a healthy practice and should be encouraged in large numbers. Every drop of blood can help and save life’’, remarked one of the senior member of e-Zest who dedicatedly partakes in such causes.

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