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Fun, joy and frolic all the way at the e-Zest Funfair

Corporate Jan 01, 2013

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e-Zest chose to close off 2012 with an event which resonated its spirit of OLIVZ and also contributed something back to the society. It organized funfair where all the proceeds generated through this event would be donated to an orphanage.

The hustle and bustle related to the event started when e-Zest team members formed different groups. There were two tasks allotted to each team, one was running of the food stall and the other to run a games stall. The games ranged from biscuit huts to straw and confetti. The games stalls were flooded with e-Zestians trying their luck at winning what seemed totally impossible at the beginning but with determination they conquered it all. In fact some stalls saw the public thronging to the stalls to emerge victorious.

All the teams were trying their best to tantalize the taste buds of their colleagues. There were food items on display ranging from cold coffee, popcorn to bhel, gulab jamun and ice-cream to pani-puri, popcorn and sprout bhel. Many of them kept flocking to their favorite food stalls.

Many team members who recently joined e-Zest and were working previously with other organizations were truly seen enjoying all through the event. As one of the recently joined senior team member remarked, “It was truly a one of a kind event which I have not experienced elsewhere. I’m looking forward to the coming year and the festivities round up in 2013 at e-Zest.”

Truly, the funfair was embraced by all the team members with open arms. The intention with which the event was conceptualized in the first case was met as team e-Zest managed to garner significant monetary contribution which will help needy section of the society. Thus an eventful year at e-Zest concluded with the right note by whetting the appetite and also relishing the soul.

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