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Tech Digest – Week 03, 2013

Corporate Jan 18, 2013

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Google Apps Cloud partners attract venture capital

When Google Apps are assessed, venture capital firms are increasingly seen getting attracted towards companies working in and around Google’s cloud software suite. ‘Cloud Sherpas’ is a prime example that continues to attract a brighter spotlight in the cloud services brokerage (CSB) market along with ‘Better Cloud’ which is turning towards cloud management market. The channel partners should care because it is becoming clear that top channel partners need some custom software expertise in their portfolio.

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Ovum: Apple's iPhone, iPad lead the way as mobile BI matures

Apple and Google are getting mature by the day along with being widely adopted among mobile BI applications. Mobile BI isn’t a fresh concept, but more bandwidth and better devices are definitely helping propel the market. As per a report by Ovum company, many vendors have applications for Apple's iOS platform, followed closely by Android. Ovum’s analyst Fredrik Tunvall was reported saying that ‘Oracle is the only one that doesn`t officially support Android, but it will support according to its roadmap.’

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Importance of mobile business apps to soar in 2013

This year there would be a big transformation as businesses change the way they deal with mobile devices and the approach adopted in developing apps, moving from traditional coding to Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) tools. Mobile devices and applications have taken the consumer world by storm, but their integration into business processes has lagged.

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CMIS and SharePoint 2013: Native support for better interoperability

Content Management Interoperability Services was founded by EMC, IBM and Microsoft in 2006 with the goal of improving interoperability between various ECM systems in the market. As per the writings of last year, the committee has been working on the CMIS 1.1 specification and should be approved this year. CMIS 1.0 has been supported in SharePoint 2010 since its ratification in 2010. It’s available by means of an add-on in the SharePoint Admin Toolkit.

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