Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 7, 2018

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Be secured or prepare to be exposed!

Anonymous hackers have created a website that would allow anyone access to your unsecured sensitive data. Is this a call for an alarm? Find out by reading this piece of news!

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 06, 2018

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How to face challenges while moving to cloud?

Oracle being a new entrant in the public Cloud space has created buzz with capturing a huge market share in a short period of time. But the company claims to be a unique vendor by supporting a wide range of legacy application. There are challenges however to be met and the CEO believes that unless some adjustments were made to the status quo, the transition would be troublesome.

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Technology stories that are worth - Week 04, 2018

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Cloud computing technologies you must know for 2018

One look at cloud computing, and you will see the hottest areas of enterprise IT today. The cloud has become the launchpad for virtually every new IT innovation in the last two years. This trend towards cloud innovation looks likely to continue throughout 2018.

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Technology stories that are worth - Week 03, 2018

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Google adds more data centers, commits to grow its cloud business

Google leaps up by extending its cloud computing infrastructure with the introduction of five new regions and plans to build its own undersea cable. The company's key cloud computing regions will open in the first quarter of 2018, followed by Los Angeles, Finland, and Hong Kong.

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Enterprise Mobility: What to expect in 2018

As industry leaders predict various mobility trends, it's only after consulting with subject matter experts and analysts do you get a pulse on which enterprise mobility trends influence organizations.

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Big data analytics market to observe big development by 2022

Big data analytics can point the way to various business benefits. The report on Big Data analytics market suggests expansive ideas, statistical data, and detailed information, which has the potency to ensure profit of enterprises.

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Technology news around the globe - Week 02, 2018

Tech digest week 02

Mastering and Adapting Cloud Computing for your company

Cloud computing is constantly evolving and it is no longer just used for storage of data. Researchers are now looking at it as one area for innovation in digital transformation. The article lists three stages of making the most of on-demand cloud computing for your business.

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