Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 19, 2018

Tech digest week 19
Bring the power Cloud into your data center

Though cloud is now considered a business imperative, some organisations are still holding back, trying to address questions about data security, resiliency and regulatory compliance. What if there was a way for such organisations to design a cloud environment, similar to a public cloud, within their own data centers?

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BYOD: The pros and cons for the business

BYOD is nothing more than a cost-saving mechanism – but actually, a lot of employees want to work on their own devices – so should you be encouraging BYOD in your business? Do you have the right security in place to allow it? What are the cost implications? Is it safe?

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Six tips for modelling Big Data

Big data comprises a large percentage of data under management, does not run on relational databases. It runs on non-relational databases like NoSQL. This leads to the belief that you don't need a model for big data. The problem is, you do need data modelling for big data. Here are six tips for modelling big data.

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Using SharePoint for better team collaboration

Team collaboration within an enterprise is not a new concept—it has been part of enterprise culture since the invention of business. However, the way teams collaborate in a modern enterprise work environment has changed significantly. With a dynamic workforce operating in a mobile environment, enterprises have been compelled to deploy better tools to accommodate collaboration over distance.

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