How e-commerce industry can leverage augmented reality?


What technology has done?

Today, a lot has been changed in the e-commerce world considering the past decade. The real reason behind this transformation is technology. Technology has entirely twisted the e-commerce ecosystem by making it more accessible to wide spectrum of customers. But, this evolution has also given rise to enormous e-commerce challenges.

Benefits and challenges of e-commerce

E-commerce has majorly contributed in simplifying the buying experience for their customers. Considering today’s hectic life, the customers are more comfortable with online shopping instead of visiting the retail stores. But at the same time, the customers cannot touch, try or feel the product which is available online. Even customers are skeptical how the particular product will fit in their place. This situation has eventually led to poor-decision making resulting into empty shopping carts.

How e-commerce enterprises are coping with these challenges?

E-commerce enterprises are taking collective efforts to innovate and contribute to improvise the customer buying experience. Few of them are introducing wearable apps, visual commerce and beyond. As per the industry experts, augmented reality holds a lot of potential and plays a major role in customer satisfaction.

How augmented reality is driving the e-commerce industry?

Augmented reality solution when implemented with e-commerce sites can enable the customers to actually feel and touch the product in real-time. It offers a straight or secondary view of the customer surroundings that can be modified by computer-generated graphics, videos, or others. With augmented reality, these generated elements can easily blend with real world contents. Furthermore, augmented reality enables the customer to seamlessly interact with the virtual contents and differentiate between two products available online.

In layman’s term, the concept of augmented reality involves real use of customer bodies or spaces to know if a particular furniture, outfit or eyewear is suitable for them. In short, augment reality is a perfect blend of digital and real world.

Examples where augmented reality can be leveraged in e-commerce

Consider any home décor item as an example. Using augmented reality customers can virtually know how a particular furniture or item might fit well into their living room before buying any of them. Just with the help of a picture, augmented reality solutions can know the scope of the room. It can allow the customers to change pictures of various furniture, doors, and fans or may be the color of the wall.

Major clothing brands are also in leveraging this new technology by facilitating their customers to try the clothing they find on their sites using smartphone or tablet.

Augmented reality is not a new concept anymore. All the brands are looking for ways through which they can integrate augmented reality in their businesses and provide an excellent customer experience. In this highly competitive world, if you are yet to implement AR then this is the right time. Integrating AR in the business can help in obtaining impressive results and improve the business visibility as well.

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