Tech Digest – Week 35, 2012

Lantana Brings The Power Of Analytics For High Availability And Spends Optimization On Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

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Locking files in Java

The Java NIO (New I/O) API introduced in JDK 1.4 not only provides many advanced features which were not available in Java I/O API but also a better way of performing I/O. One such feature provided by NIO is an ability to lock file on the operating system level.

Topics: Java NIO FileChannel FileLock Technology Locking

Security vs Flexibility vs Automation vs Compliance (Part – 2)

In continuation from my previous post, let me share few stories about Security vs Compliance vs Flexibility....

Topics: security Solution Assessment Stakeholder Engagement Risk Management Business Analysis

Tech Digest – Week 34, 2012

Microsoft works to challenge Google

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Generating Secure Random Numbers

Java provides java.util.Random class for random number generation. However, this class should not be used to generate random numbers in applications where security is critical. For example, Synchronizer Toker is often used to mitigate CSRF attacks. This token should be generated using a high quality Random Number Generator (RNG) so that the attacker is not able to predict the next token. Even while generating encryption key or SESSIONID for highly secure applications, the next key or session Id of next user should be unpredictable for the attacker.

Topics: MAC Secure random number Random Java ThreadLocalRandom Message Authentication Code UUID SecureRandom MessageDigest Uncommon Maths Technology

Hibernate Performance Optimization (Part – 2)

Hibernate collection can be eager or lazy fetched which decides whether to initialize association immediately or to defer its initialization till the collection is accessed. Hibernate provides different options (fetching strategies) which decides the queries which hibernate generates to load associated collection.

Topics: hibernate Hibernate Performance Optimization Tuning Hibernate Technology

Changing Critical Success Factors in Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing for software development started with the outsourcing of small, well defined slices of large scale projects. The key here was “well defined coding and testing tasks”. The nature of software solutions, methodologies used and kind of work being outsourced is changing dramatically and with it there is a significant change in “critical success factors” in the software outsourcing domain.

Topics: Insights value Creation Success Factors Communication Visualization and Attitude Software Outsourcing ownership Empathy and Communication Empowerment and Support

Tech Digest – Week 33, 2012

Sibal for impetus to cloud computing

Topics: ERP Mobile Enterprise Services crm cloud computing Technology

e-Zest steps foot in its 13th Year of Operation

e-Zest, a software solutions company with more than 250+ professionals working in close association with one another and holding on to the value system of the organization has set foot in the 13th year of its operation.

Topics: e-Zest News & Events 12th anniversary custom software development Software Outsourcing Outsourced Product Engineering

Access Static Resources through Servlet


Many times we face problems while accessing static resources through Servlet. Following blog post will explain one possible solution for this problem. It is applied in the web application that is only exposing Web Services to outside world.

Topics: Java servlet servlet-filters Technology

Non Uniform Memory Architecture (NUMA)

Around two decades ago, Non Uniform Memory Architecture or Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) created a new trend in multiprocessing architectures. Many microprocessor manufactures such as AMD, Intel, Unisys, HP, Silicon Graphics, Sequent Computer Systems, EMC, Digital and NCR had started manufacturing commercial NUMA systems.

Topics: NUMA Non Uniform Memory Access Technology

Passionate team is the key to success

A lot of companies talk about customer service and customer focus. Many of them keep driving the message of customer focus in company meetings, posters and all around. Yet, many of these companies are not able to create real customer joy and are happy if they can handle complaints and issues as they pop up in a reactive manner.

Topics: Insights value Creation motivation Passionate team empowered team

Tech Digest – Week 32, 2012

Apple co-founder Wozniak believes Cloud Computing is a brewing storm

Topics: iPad Vendor Reporting Solution SaaS reporting solution supply chain management Enterprise communication systems cloud computing Technology SaaS

Tech Digest – Week 31, 2012

Google's Partner Program looks to get more businesses into the Cloud

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Bridge Pattern

The Bridge Pattern is a Gang of Four (GoF) structural pattern. It uses two layers of abstraction called abstraction and implementor. This design pattern decouples the abstraction from its implementation by using class hierarchies. The abstraction has the reference of the implementor. The implementor is an interface or abstract class which defines the behavior of concrete implementation. The abstractions and implementation can be extended and bound dynamically. Refined abstraction extends abstraction and hides its specific implementation from the implementor.

Topics: Bridge Design Pattern Java Degenerate Bridge Pattern Bridge Pattern Technology

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