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Tech Digest – Week 35, 2012

Corporate Aug 31, 2012

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Lantana Brings The Power Of Analytics For High Availability And Spends Optimization On Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

Lantana, company that offers a performance monitoring, management and optimization tool for mission critical applications deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, today announced the addition of analytical engine for High Availability and Spend Optimization. Lantana is now being used by enterprises and Independent Software Vendors to monitor and optimize the performance of their AWS infrastructure. It empowers IT managers, AWS support teams and CTOs to manage the critical applications on AWS cloud, Lantana, has doubled its customer base during the first few months after initial launch in 2012. Intelligent algorithms generate automatic recommendations for system administrators in order to take pro-active actions which help organizations to perform at lower prices.

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Will Branch fit into crowded social networking world?

The competition in the race of social networking has increased as Branch a new conversation site steps in. Josh Miller co-founder of Branch said "We absolutely see ourselves as being complimentary to everything else." According to him Twitter and Facebook are amazing and they will also fit in. Adding to it he also said Branch fills a gap opened by Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Quora to enable high-quality conversations noise-free. On Branch, conversations are open to the public and home page includes hot topics like Hiking the Grand Canyon, Berlin Trip Tips and career guides.

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Will cloud computing kick the IT door in for women?

According to a study the percentage of computing occupations held by women has been declining since 1991, when it reached a high of 36 percent. According to JJ DiGeronimo, a veteran of IT and director of Global Cloud Solutions there can be an opportunity for women who are not heavily focused on the architectural design, and how bits and bytes move through the organization. If traditional IT workers don’t demonstrate ingenuity in the changing cloud environment, they’ll be out. Technology professionals already working in and around the cloud can check out Cloud Network of Women (CloudNOW), a global nonprofit consortium for networking, knowledge sharing, mentoring, and economic growth.

Continue reading at: http://www.itworld.com/cloud-computing/291807/will-cloud-computing-kick-it-door-women?page=0,0

Indian app development market to exceed $227 million in 2012: Gartner

According to a new Gartner report, the Indian application development (AD) market would achieve a growth of 22.6 percent (more than $227 million) in 2012. Under Market Trends: Application Development Software, Worldwide, 2012-2016', cloud has changed the way apps are now developed and deployed, which has resulted in a major shift in AD priorities. Also the concerned point was AD for cloud demands rapid deployment, a high focus on user experience and access to highly elastic resources for software testing, while requiring comparatively less underlying infrastructure for developing applications.

Continue reading at: http://www.thinkdigit.com/Apps/Indian-app-development-market-to-exceed-227_10572.html

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